Wednesday, 21 May 2008

New catalogue

Our spanking new catalogue for the Autumn/Winter season of 2008 has arrived into the office....


Cover picture is taken from Adrian Horn's Jukebox Britain, by the way (a great book), which will be coming out in February 2009.

If you would like a catalogue sent to you free of charge, please contact us; leave a comment here, phone us or email us (contact details on our website). We'll have one sent out ASAP. Same goes for our extensive backlist catalogue, which covers all subject areas.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Just arrived into the office...

Tentative bridge-building to China during the Johnson years

by Michael Lumbers

This new study is the first comprehensive account of U.S. Policy toward China during the presidency of
Lyndon Johnson, a critical phase of the Cold War immediately preceding the dramatic Sino-American rapprochement of the early 1970s.

Based on a thorough review of a wide array of recently declassified government documents, this book offers a fresh perspective by challenging the popular view that Johnson’s approach to China was marked by stagnation and sterility.

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Victorians and the Virgin Mary

Religion and gender in England 1830 - 1885

by Carol Engelhardt Herringer

this book seeks to revise our understanding of the Victorian religious landscape by retrieving Catholics from the cultural margins to which they are usually relegated. By showing that the Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholics constituted a significant proportion of Victorian society that was opposed to the Protestant majority, this analysis more accurately evaluates their contributions to Victorian culture.

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Eleventh-century Germany

The Swabian chronicles

Translated and selected by I. S. Robinson

In the abbey of Reichenau, in the south-western duchy of Swabia, the great polymath Herman 'the Lame' composed a chronicle that contains the most detailed account of the reign of Emperor Henry III (1039-56). His pupil and biographer, Berthold of Reichenau continued his master's work, composing a rigorous extant account of the years 1076-1079 in Germany.

The Swabian chronicles reveal how between 1049 and 1100 the centripetal attraction of the reform papacy became the dominant fact of intellectual life in German reformed monastic circles.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Upcoming conferences

Whilst we bask in the sun, conference season stealthily creeps up on us, skittering on its little limbs. So here's a list of those we will be attending in person this year, up until August (click on the titles for more information):-

* British Graduate Shakespeare conference, Stratford-upon-Avon (19th - 21st June)

* Cultures of Translation conference, Cardiff (26th - 28th June)

* Television without Borders conference, Reading (27th - 29th June)

* Anglo-American conference, London (2nd - 4th July)

* Screen Studies conference, Glasgow (4th - 6th July)

* International Medieval Congress, Leeds (7th -10th July)

* David Lean: 100th Anniversary conference, London (24th - 25th July)

* International Shakespeare conference, Stratford-upon-Avon (4th - 8th August)

* ESSE conference, Denmark (22nd - 26th August)

Conferences from September onwards will be posted up soon!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Just arrived into the office...

'Shaking the blood-stained hand of Mr Collins'

by Martin Maguire

The training of the civil service is intended to produce an unquestioning loyalty to the State. What happens when that State is subject to revolutionary struggle and a new regime comes to power? Invited to shake the ‘blood-stained hands’ of the revolutionary leadership and to serve the new State, how does the civil service respond?


'Martin Maguire's important book is thoroughly anchored in an impressive array of original materials, and bristles with fresh argument and insight. It cogently addresses and challenges the full range of our existing knowledge about the Dublin Castle administration, the reforms of 1920, and the early development of the Free State civil service. The work thereby significantly advances the historiography on early 20th century Ireland.'

Alvin Jackson, Sir Richard Lodge Professor of History, University of Edinburgh


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