Tuesday, 26 May 2009

THES Book of the Week

A wonderful biography of Evelyn Sharp by Angela John has been chosen as THES Book of the Week this week!

Here's what they said about it:-

'This compelling, poignant biography paints a sensitive portrait of a modest "new woman" of the 1890s, who eagerly embraced the expanding opportunities for a generation that would see momentous changes in the decades up to the mid-20th century. Well researched and clearly expressed, John's book deserves a wide readership.'
June Purvis, THES

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Reviews of Artisans of the body

Sandra Cavallo, author of Artisans of the body in early modern Italy, has had some wonderful reviews of the book, both in the latest issue of Gender in History and at the enormous Reviews in History website.

Click here to go to our web page and learn a little more about it. It also has a sample chapter there which is completely free for you to read.

Reviews in History has this to say about the book:-

'The book is a meticulous study… and has the merit of interweaving several lines of inquiry into one coherent picture.'

Guido Giglioni, Warburg Institute

Gender in History says:-

'The wealth of the archival evidence, together with Cavallo's continuous attempts to make sense of a wide range of issues from the artisans' own point of view makes this an exceptionally valuable source, and a highly important contribution to the scholarship on the social, cultural and medical history of early modern Italy.'

Paula Hohti, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Judge for yourself - order the book online from Blackwell, Amazon or direct from our distributors, NBN International.